U.S. Military Researchers Report First American Case Of Infection Resistant To All Antibiotics

New York Times: Infection Raises Specter of Superbugs Resistant to All Antibiotics
“American military researchers have identified the first patient in the United States to be infected with bacteria that are resistant to an antibiotic that was the last resort against drug-resistant germs…” (Tavernise/Grady, 5/26).

Reuters: U.S. sees first case of bacteria resistant to all antibiotics
“…The infection was reported Thursday in a study appearing in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, a publication of the American Society for Microbiology. It said the superbug itself had first been infected with a tiny piece of DNA called a plasmid, which passed along a gene called mcr-1 that confers resistance to colistin…” (Pierson/Berkrot, 5/26).

USA TODAY: Woman found to harbor infection resistant to antibiotic of last resort
“…In the past six months or so, scientists have found bacteria that are resistant to colistin in more than two dozen countries, said study co-author Patrick McGann, a senior microbiologist at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Given the danger of colistin-resistant bacteria, doctors at Walter Reed decided to begin testing samples from the U.S…” (Szabo, 5/26).

Washington Post: The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.
“…Colistin is the antibiotic of last resort for particularly dangerous types of superbugs, including a family of bacteria known as CRE, which health officials have dubbed ‘nightmare bacteria.’ In some instances, these superbugs kill up to 50 percent of patients who become infected. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called CRE among the country’s most urgent public health threats…” (Sun/Dennis, 5/27).