U.S. Leadership Critical To Ending War, Making Humanitarian Progress In Yemen

The Hill: Sen. Young: Progress in Yemen requires American leadership
Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

“…[T]he best way to oppose Iran in Yemen and stop ballistic missile attacks on our partners is to bring all parties to the negotiating table, end the civil war, and address the humanitarian crisis. Famine and the indiscriminate targeting of civilians will only push more Yemenis toward Iran and its proxies. … For too long, Saudi Arabia demonstrated that it would not lift humanitarian impediments or come to the negotiating table in good faith absent strong and sustained U.S. diplomatic pressure. … U.S. diplomatic pressure is both necessary and effective. … The American people are right to expect their government to speak up when our partners use food as a weapon of war. … If Congress and the administration will utilize all available leverage, we can effectively encourage Riyadh to eliminate humanitarian obstacles, negotiate in good faith, and support a sustainable political solution. … Our national security interests and our humanitarian principles demand nothing less” (1/8).