U.S. Lawmakers, Development Advocates Consider Future Funding For COVID-19 Global Response; U.S. State Department Touts Efforts In ‘Leading Humanitarian’ Response

Devex: Aid advocates want future US COVID-19 funding to have global focus
“Now that the U.S. Congress has approved a largely domestic-focused $2 trillion supplemental appropriations package, development professionals are looking ahead to what future funding might mean for the global response to COVID-19. … Lawmakers realize that further bills will need to address the global response, and some are already thinking about what will happen in future legislation to address COVID-19, development advocates told Devex…” (Saldinger, 3/30).

Devex: Interactive: Who’s funding the COVID-19 response and what are the priorities?
“Since the beginning of 2020, more than $4.6 trillion has been pledged by governments, bilateral donors, multilateral institutions, philanthropic donors, NGOs, and the private sector in the fight against COVID-19. But this number just scratches the surface of the expenditure that will be required in the coming months. … This funding data is available through a new tableau interactive dashboard: Interact with global COVID-19 funding data. Explore where the funding is going, who’s supplying the money, and what funding is focusing on…” (Cornish, 3/30).

Washington Times: State Department: U.S. ‘leading the world’ in coronavirus fight while China takes credit
“The State Department is touting a nearly $300 million American aid package for dozens of countries battling coronavirus at a moment when China seeks to portray itself as the global leader in responding to the pandemic. A department fact sheet circulated in recent days asserted outright that the ‘U.S. Government is leading the world’s humanitarian and health assistance response to the COVID-19 pandemic’…” (Taylor, 3/29).