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U.S. Investments In Global Health ‘Can Bring More Peace To The World’

Forbes: Medicine As Currency For Peace: How Global Health Funding Could Change The World
Bill Frist, former Republican Senate majority leader from Tennessee and chair of Hope Through Healing Hands

“…So, looking back today, did PEPFAR work? Twenty million people are alive today who would otherwise have died. Tens of millions more now have better access to improved health care for other infectious diseases, chronic illness, and maternal and child health. But we can’t rest. Regrettably, some in Washington are calling to cut our investment in global health. … Disease is a threat to peace. Pandemics are a threat to peace. Illness and hopelessness are threats to peace. And so, in a world facing all of these threats, now is precisely the wrong time to cut back on our modest funding for global health. The world is a safer and more secure place for us all when societies overseas are healthier and more stable. … In our time, we’ve learned that a threat to health anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere. We can bring more peace to the world and to ourselves, not only by deterrence — but also by compassion, by the power of healing hands, and by medicine as a currency for peace” (5/3).