U.S. International Aid Plays Important Role In Sustainable Development

The Hill: International aid can remain beyond politics
Kate Schecter, president and CEO of World Neighbors, Inc.

“…[I]t’s important to understand that the majority of U.S. international aid programs — public and private — are not charity. Unlike charity, these programs are not meant to be providing aid indefinitely. Rather than perpetually alleviating the suffering caused by poverty, development projects are designed to help eliminate it. … [I]t is only through sustainable development that poverty and suffering are reduced and, eventually, eliminated. We can all play a role in this. In fact, if you pay federal taxes, you do play a role. You help fund the programs that help lift millions out of poverty and lay the basis for a more stable and peaceful international community. International aid — public and private — is one of America’s great success stories. We all have a stake in policies built on the truth that helping others is the best way to help ourselves” (1/9).