U.S. Hospitals Face Challenges In Effectively Treating Ebola Patients

News outlets examine how lax Ebola protocols, insufficient training, and incomplete protective gear necessary to lower health care workers’ risk of infection are hindering U.S. hospitals’ preparations to treat patients.

The Hill: Report: Ebola nurses in Dallas wore no special protective gear for two days (Viebeck, 10/15).
Politico: Ebola protocols: Who is most in danger? (Levine, 10/16).
Reuters: Extreme measures: U.S. hospitals take on Ebola, but at what risk? (Steenhuysen, 10/16).
New York Times: Downfall for Hospital Where Ebola Spread (Sack, 10/15).
New York Times: Lax U.S. Guidelines on Ebola Led to Poor Hospital Training, Experts Say (McNeil, 10/15).