U.S. Health Officials Plan For Zika After Congress Adjourns Without Passing Additional Funding

The Atlantic: Congress Falls Short on Zika
“…Lawmakers adjourned [last] week for a seven-week summer recess without passing additional money to fight the Zika virus. Now, federal public health officials are weighing how to stop the spread of infections with no new money coming down the pipeline — and with further budget battles near-guaranteed in the fall…” (Kelly, 7/16).

The Guardian: ‘This is why people hate Congress’: politics stymies fight against Zika virus
“…The federal government was left without resources to fund emergency preparations for Zika, which include critical vaccine development, mosquito control efforts, and other research related to containment and prevention. ‘This is no way to fight epidemics,’ CDC Director Tom Frieden lamented at the Senate hearing. It has become an all-too-familiar routine: political wrangling over must-pass legislation, at the expense of the public…” (Siddiqui, 7/16).

Vox: Zika is spreading. Congress did nothing. Now what?
“…To find out what the failure to secure more dollars to fight Zika means, I reached out to health officials in the federal government, as well as those working on the ground in the states likely to be hardest hit by the virus…” (Belluz, 7/15).