U.S. Government Pledges Funding For Maternal Mortality Programs In Zambia, GHI Executive Director Says

“The [U.S.] government has said it is hopeful that Zambia will be able to reduce maternal and child mortality, and has pledged to contribute” millions in funding to programs to help further that goal, the Times of Zambia reports. “Speaking during a meeting between U.S. government officials and the media, Global Health Initiative (GHI) Executive Director Lois Quam pledged her government’s commitment to partnering with the Zambian government in order to address major health concerns in the country,” the newspaper adds.

According to the Times, “She said the U.S. government, through the [GHI], was launching a new health endeavor in Zambia aimed at saving mothers’ lives, which targets to achieve 50 percent reduction in maternal mortality in four districts” and that “the project would work to strengthen delivery skills of health professionals by encouraging women to deliver at health facilities” (Chanda, 10/6).