U.S. Government, Pharmaceutical Companies Working Quickly To Develop COVID-19 Vaccines, Treatments For Testing

Devex: Inside the race to find a coronavirus vaccine
“The global health community is trying to fast-track the development of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has now affected over 70 countries globally, with 93,090 confirmed cases and 3,198 deaths. Questions are also emerging on global access to the vaccine, once a viable candidate has been developed…” (Ravelo, 3/5).

Financial Times: U.S. defense department in race to identify coronavirus treatment
“Scientists funded by the U.S. defense department are racing to extract coronavirus antibodies from the blood of a recovered patient, in an attempt to develop short-term treatments to protect frontline healthcare workers and military personnel…” (Manson, 3/4).

Washington Post: Fact-checking Trump’s accelerated timeline for a coronavirus vaccine
“…Health experts say they have completed vaccine options ready for testing at a historically fast rate. However, a vaccine available for public use is different than a vaccine ready for the first phase of testing. Experts have emphasized that actual deployment of the vaccine is more than a year away, not a few months, as Trump has suggested…” (Samuels, 3/4).

Additional coverage of efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is available from Financial Times, IBT, and STAT.