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U.S. Government, Nonprofit Agencies Working To Prevent Zika From Entering Blood Supply

Bloomberg Business: U.S. to Halt Blood Donation by Travelers to Areas With Zika
“…The Food and Drug Administration is working with other government agencies and with blood collection establishments ‘to rapidly implement appropriate donor deferral measures for travelers who have visited affected regions in order to protect the blood supply in the United States,’ Tara Goodin, a spokeswoman for the agency, said in an e-mail Wednesday…” (Edney, 1/27).

Reuters: U.S. Red Cross asks blood donors to wait 28 days after visiting Zika areas
“The American Red Cross appealed on Tuesday to prospective donors who have visited Zika outbreak zones to wait at least 28 days before giving blood, but said the risk of transmitting the virus through blood donations remained ‘extremely’ low in the continental United States…” (Catania/Gorman, 2/2).