U.S. Global Water Strategy An ‘Important American Commitment’ To WASH Efforts

The Hill: Clean water should be our next global accomplishment
Sarina Prabasi, U.S. chief executive of WaterAid; and Susan Barnett, founder of Faiths for Safe Water and Cause Communications

“…Perhaps the most inconceivable water challenge is the absence of WASH — water/sanitation/hygiene — in of all places: health care facilities. … The links between dirty hands, dirty water, and mortality have been known for centuries. This situation is waiting not for answers, but action. Far too many health workers in low- and middle-income countries lack the most basic means to keep patients safe. … WaterAid launched Healthy Start, a four-year campaign focused on improving the health and nutrition of newborns and children through safe WASH integrated into health policy and delivery. Dramatic, cost-effective results can be achieved, simply by adding WASH. … More such efforts are needed. What we have here is a solvable problem. But as medicine travels in the high-tech lane, low-cost prevention is too often overlooked. … The new U.S. Global Water Strategy is an important American commitment, maybe even the start of a … social movement that transforms water from the burden that it is for so many, into the source of life it is meant to be…” (12/14).