U.S., Global Community Must Continue Efforts To End West African Ebola Epidemic

Washington Post: Ebola still poses a serious threat
Kent Brantly, doctor at Samaritan’s Purse and Ebola survivor

“…Even if this [Ebola] epidemic continues, it is unlikely to return to the magnitude it reached last summer, with hundreds of new cases appearing each week. But what is probable is the destabilization of the region. A constantly present, endemic threat such as Ebola can prevent the rebuilding of resilient health systems in affected countries. And without well-functioning health systems, society becomes like a stool with a missing leg. It may appear to stand, but under the slightest pressure it will topple. And so we in the United States have a decision to make. We must decide what our response will be to this ongoing tragedy on the other side of the world. … As we as a global community seek to learn the lessons of this epidemic, let us not fail to recognize and extinguish the ongoing threat. Let us choose compassion over fear or apathy” (7/17).