U.S. Foreign Assistance, Leadership ‘Indispensable’ In Making Health, Development Gains Worldwide

Des Moines Register: U.S. foreign aid is our country’s most cost-effective budget allocation
Kurt Meyer, volunteer at Lutheran World Relief

“…[T]he role of the U.S. government remains indispensable: by convening gatherings with other governments, negotiating agreements, opening access to marginalized populations, and keeping front-line workers safe. … The world cannot afford a reduced U.S. role or funding cuts that would hinder continued progress. Our state and nation are richly blessed. Many different faiths and political persuasions are steadfast in support of a common goal — helping all God’s children. Iowans in faith communities must continue to raise voices of compassion so U.S. foreign assistance does not fall victim to budget cuts or short-sighted political wrangling. The small part of the U.S. budget dedicated to foreign aid cannot become a sacrificial lamb and, with it, the vulnerable people whose lives depend on it” (5/18).