U.S. Foreign Assistance Investments Must Prioritize Maternal, Child Nutrition

The Hill: Call to action on global nutrition
Bill Frist, former Senate majority leader (R-Tenn.)

“The United States has shown courageous leadership over the last decade on global health. … But even as funding for global health soared, foundational programs promoting maternal and child nutrition were largely overlooked. Yet the need for greater leadership and investments in nutrition could not be more clear. … [W]e must sustain and build upon the momentum that has been created over the last year on global nutrition. The president and Congress must remain resolute in their support for strong global health and nutrition funding in the FY15 budget and in prioritizing nutrition as a critical pillar in our foreign assistance investments. … Investments in maternal and child nutrition build the foundation for the next generation to survive and thrive, and serve as a shining example of U.S. global leadership at its best” (5/28).