U.S. Engagement In Zika Response, Global Health Issues Critical To Strategic Diplomacy

The Hill: Imperative for U.S. leadership in global response to Zika
Anand Parekh, senior adviser at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Ashish Jha, K.T. Li professor of international health and director of the Harvard Global Health Institute

“…We believe that the U.S. has an opportunity, working with the World Health Organization, to improve the health and welfare of countries in the Americas through its response to the Zika virus. A strong, committed global health engagement strategy is good foreign policy as well. Generating goodwill amongst our allies and neighbors will make it more likely that they work with us on other important bilateral issues. This is what strategic health diplomacy is all about. It’s time to take this concept out of the toolbox and witness its ability to do good in the world” (3/11).