U.S. Delegation in South Africa To Renew Bilateral Relationship, Create Sustainable Partnerships in Health

This post on the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)’s Commission on Smart Global Health Policy blog examines tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa, “which has the highest tuberculosis infection rate per population and accounts for 5 percent of the global TB burden.” The post is part of a series to be posted by a CSIS Global Health Policy Center delegation currently traveling in South Africa “to look at the major efforts underway to renew the United States’ bilateral relationship with South Africa, with a particular focus on creating sustainable partnerships in health and other areas of U.S. foreign assistance,” according to the blog. “U.S. investments in South Africa are the single largest bilateral health account in the world,” the blog states. A previous post looked at HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and future entries will examine maternal and child health and non-communicable diseases (8/5).