U.S. Cuts To Family Planning Funding Threaten To Harm Women’s Access To Health Care In Malawi, Uganda

CNN: U.S. foreign aid cuts could be a ‘death sentence’ to women in Malawi
“…The rate of maternal deaths in Malawi is among the highest globally and illegal abortions are a significant reason. Now public health officials, aid professionals, and doctors in Malawi fear it could get even worse. The impoverished East African nation could be one of the hardest hit in Africa by proposed cuts to U.S. foreign aid. … ‘There is a lot at stake. The U.S. is the largest provider of family planning in the world and has been a real leader in providing support for many low- and middle-income countries,’ said Jennifer Kates, vice president and director of global health and HIV/AIDS [policy] at the Kaiser Family Foundation…” (McKenzie/Swails, 7/27).

The Guardian: ‘Women will die’: Trump leaves Ugandan women in jeopardy
“Hundreds of thousands of women in Uganda face losing vital reproductive health care and advice under Donald Trump’s looming crackdown on international family planning. The services of Uganda’s largest providers of family planning, cancer screening, and antenatal care are under threat after the U.S. president reintroduced the Mexico City policy, otherwise known as the ‘global gag rule,’ in his first week in office…” (Ford, 7/27).