Outlets Discuss Future Of World Bank, Potential Nomination Of Woman As President Following Jim Yong Kim’s Resignation

The Lancet: Jim Yong Kim steps down from World Bank
“On Jan. 7, the World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim stunned the international development community with his announcement that he was leaving his post. The unforeseen move has created a leadership crisis and concerns about the future direction of the world’s most influential multilateral finance and development institution…” (Zarocostas, 1/26).

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Contemplates Appointing First Female President of World Bank
“The race to select the next president of the World Bank could be shaped by a strong international desire for the institution to have its first female president. … The White House hasn’t settled on a pick, but diplomats, former World Bank officials, and close observers of the bank agree that were Washington to nominate a woman, it would discourage other countries from challenging the American pick…” (Zumbrun, 1/24).