U.S. Congress Should Repeal Mexico City Policy, Says L.A. Times Editorial

Los Angeles Times: Ditch the global gag rule once and for all
Editorial Board

“…[I]n recent weeks, there have been signs that Congress may be ready to roll back the global gag rule[, also known as the Mexico City policy,] through its power over the federal purse. Earlier this month, the newly Democratic-controlled House passed a package of spending bills, including one on foreign operations that sought to rein in the policy. That bill went nowhere, caught in the crossfire between President Trump and congressional Democrats over the border wall Trump covets. Notably, however, the House bill copied the language in the foreign operations spending bill that the Senate Committee on Appropriations unanimously approved last June, including a provision explicitly allowing abortion counseling by aid recipients. Opponents of the gag rule contend that there is more bipartisan agreement than ever across the House and the Senate on repealing it. … Unfortunately, Trump is unlikely to sign any measure containing a repeal of the global gag rule. Still, a bipartisan effort to repeal this harmful and unnecessary policy is worth pursuing. … The global gag rule should be repealed once and for all” (1/18).