U.S. Approach To Foreign Aid Should Be ‘Principle-Based’

The Hill: Better foreign aid
Former Representative Mark Green (R-Wis.), president of the International Republican Institute (IRI), and Rob Mosbacher, chair of the board of directors for the Initiative for Global Development (IGD), both co-chairs for the Consensus for Development Reform

“…[The Consensus for Development Reform (CDR)] proposes a simple, clear approach to development reform that begins first with the question, ‘What do we want our aid to accomplish?’ … First, our aid must promote economic opportunity and growth. … Second, we must reward effectiveness and commit to identify and reinforce what works and quit doing what doesn’t work … Third, our aid should aim to build institutions that are effective, accountable, and ultimately replace aid. … Fourth, we must maintain our humanitarian efforts that have been the cornerstone of the United States’ global leadership for 70 years. … Effective development assistance is an essential part of our global leadership, but our approach requires a clearer sense of purpose in what it seeks to achieve and greater relevance to the new economic and political landscape. Principle-based reform is an opportunity for greater relevance to the challenges of those we seek to help and a better use of taxpayer money” (2/17).