U.N. Warns Of Food Shortage For Syrians Due To Lack Of Funds

News outlets report on the U.N.’s warning on Thursday that it is running out of funds for food programs in Syria, potentially affecting nearly six million Syrians.

Associated Press: U.N. warns of food shortages for Syrians
“The United Nations on Thursday said that it is running out of money to pay for its food programs for almost six million Syrians who have been displaced by the country’s civil war and that aid will be cut…” (Daniel, 9/18).

The Guardian: U.N. to cut food aid to Syria
“…The World Food Programme said that while it still expects to reach almost six million Syrians inside the country and in neighboring states in October and November, there will be significant cuts to the amount of food delivered. The WFP said it had no money for programs in December…” (9/18).

U.N. News Centre: Life-saving food aid in jeopardy for millions of Syrians, warns U.N. agency
“…The agency says that it needs $352 million for its operations until the end of the year, including $95 million for its work inside Syria, and $257 million to support refugees in neighboring countries…” (9/18).