U.N. Should Take Responsibility For Haitian Cholera Outbreak

GlobalPost: In denying Haiti cholera deaths, U.N. risks violating its core purpose
Tim Howard, professor of international law at Cambridge Graduate University and lead attorney on a lawsuit filed against the U.N. on behalf of more than 2,600 Haitian families

“Late last month, attorneys argued before the U.S. Federal District Court in Manhattan that the United Nations is not immune from liability for the spread of cholera throughout Haiti. The medical science is clear on this point, and none but the U.N. itself disputes this conclusion. … There are voices within the U.N., and from scholars and scientists globally, agreeing that the United Nations is obligated to be held accountable, and demanding that the U.N. meet its mission to advance global human rights. Among them is its own high commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay. … Reckless cholera dumping allowed by the U.N. has killed more than 8,500 Haitians and injured more than 700,000. The U.N. must be shaken from its institutional complacency and decide whether it would rather risk extinction than be held accountable” (11/9).