U.N. Should Take Lead In Venezuela Relief Efforts, Declare Humanitarian Emergency, HRW/JHSPH Report Says

The Telegraph: Venezuela crisis: U.N. urged to declare humanitarian emergency as health system collapses
“The United Nations is being urged to declare a full-scale humanitarian emergency in Venezuela in the light of the ‘utter collapse’ of its health system and widespread food shortages. A major report by Human Rights Watch and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health details the scale of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Venezuela, once one of the richest countries in South America but now in the grip of a severe economic and social crisis…” (Gulland, 4/4).

Washington Post: Venezuela’s health system in ‘utter collapse’ as infectious diseases spread, report says
“…The report … is among the few that has sought to quantify Venezuela’s misery, as the country has ceased releasing health and nutrition data and retaliated against those who did. Based on interviews with doctors and other health personnel in Venezuela, conducted by telephone and online; refugees in Colombia and Brazil, including health care professionals; and representatives of humanitarian and international organizations, the report concludes that the United Nations should take the lead providing aid. It calls on U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres to spearhead efforts to declare a complex humanitarian emergency, an official designation that would trigger a major, comprehensive effort under U.N. auspices and unlock the mobilization of international resources…” (DeYoung, 4/4).