U.N. Secretary General Outlines 8 Principles To Improve U.N. Development System

Inter Press Service: U.N. Needs a 21st Century Development System
António Guterres, U.N. Secretary General

“…The 2030 Agenda is our boldest agenda for humanity, and requires equally bold changes in the U.N. development system. … Yet we all know that the system is not functioning at its full potential. We are held back by insufficient coordination and accountability on system-wide activities. … First, the U.N. development system must accelerate its transition from the Millennium Development Goals to the 2030 Agenda. … Second principle, we need a much stronger focus on financing for development. … Third principle, we need a new generation of country teams that are tailored to the specific needs of each country. … Fourth principle, we must resolve the ambiguity in the role of resident coordinators. … Fifth principle, for too long, reform efforts in the field have been hindered by the lack of similar efforts at headquarters. … Sixth principle, we need to foster a more cohesive U.N. policy voice at the regional level. … Seventh principle, the accountability of the U.N. development system is a matter of priority. … Eighth principle, and last, there is a critical need to address the unintended consequences of funding that have hampered our ability to deliver as one. … I am convinced that, together, we can take the bold steps that the new agenda requires and that humanity also deserves…” (7/6).