U.N.’s Water, Sanitation Report Shows Slow Progress In Addressing Targets

Inter Press Service: Water and Sanitation Report Card: Slow Progress, Inadequate Funding
Tim Brewer, policy analyst at WaterAid

“…Last week’s World Health Organization report produced by U.N. Water, the Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water (GLAAS), has provided a sobering picture of water and sanitation services so necessary to health care systems around the world. … The state of water and sanitation is a global health crisis. Some 10 million children have died since 2000 of diarrheal illnesses, directly linked to growing up without clean water, basic toilets, and hygiene. It is possible to reach everyone, everywhere with water, sanitation, and hygiene education, but it will require strong political will, a comprehensive and accelerated approach, and financing…” (11/24).