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U.N. Releases Guidelines On Puberty Education In Developing Countries

News outlets report on the U.N. release of guidelines promoting puberty education.

TIME: U.N. Sets Guidelines for How Developing Countries Should Teach Puberty
“… [F]or the first time, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) — in partnership with sanitary product maker Procter & Gamble — is releasing a publication setting out guidelines for puberty education. The goal is to provide developing countries with a framework of programs that promote access to hygiene products for girls, safe sanitation facilities in schools, and better puberty knowledge and skills for both boys and girls beginning at age 10…” (Sifferlin, 3/13).

Xinhua: U.N. releases guidelines on promoting puberty education
“United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Thursday released a publication setting out guidelines for promoting puberty education across the world. … The booklet, the ninth publication in the UNESCO series Good Policy and Practice in Health Education, identifies ways for all partners to work together on puberty education and menstrual hygiene management starting in primary school…” (3/14).