U.N. Releases Draft Sustainable Development Goals

News outlets report on the U.N.’s release of draft (.pdf) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will take the place of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire in 2015.

Devex: Sustainable development goals revealed
“A long-awaited set of Sustainable Development Goals were released on Tuesday. They are meant to inform high-level negotiations for a post-2015 global development framework, which will kick into high gear this September during the United Nations General Assembly in New York…” (Ravelo, 6/4).

The Guardian: Sustainable Development Goals take shape as U.N. party narrows focus
“The U.N. working group devising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has pared down its list of proposed target areas from 19 to 16, raising hopes of a more concise framework for challenges such as eradicating poverty, ensuring equality, and tackling climate change…” (Jones, 6/4).