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U.N. Rapporteur On Right To Food Delivers Final Report To General Assembly

“In his final report [.pdf] to the general assembly, Olivier De Schutter, the [outgoing] U.N. special rapporteur on the right to food, singled out [Latin America] for remarkable progress over the past decade,” The Guardian reports. He noted that, in Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico have created a right to food in their constitutions or in laws, and that, in Africa, Zambia and Uganda have made similar moves, according to the newspaper. In his report, “De Schutter identified where and how progress had been made and where further steps were needed,” The Guardian writes (Tran, 10/25). He “further pressed for the right to food to be upheld by the courts,” reports (Hall, 10/25). He also called on national human rights institutions, civil society and parliamentarians to play roles in helping their nations ensure food security, according to a press release from De Schutter’s office (10/25).