U.N. Must Involve Communities To Form Post-2015 Global Health Agenda

In a Project Syndicate column, Kent Buse, chief of political affairs and strategy at UNAIDS, and Sarah Hawkes, a Wellcome Trust senior fellow in international public engagement at the Institute for Global Health at University College London, examine the post-2015 development agenda discussions surrounding global health issues, particularly non-communicable diseases, writing, “[F]or the most part, a universal set of maladies has emerged over the past decade, accounting for the vast bulk of ill health and preventable death in all regions of the world. Unfortunately, the proposed health agenda seems to ignore this trend.” They continue, “How can we overcome the role that vested interests may be playing in setting a global health agenda that fails to address key drivers of disease? Perhaps one answer lies in listening more to the communities directly affected by major health conditions” (9/19).