U.N. Must Adopt More Realistic Measure Of Hunger, Support Small-Scale Agriculture To Meet Development Goals

The Guardian: The hunger numbers: are we counting right?
Jason Hickel, anthropologist at the London School of Economics

“…[L]ater this year the U.N. will launch the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the headline goal of eradicating poverty and hunger once and for all. If this project is to have any credibility, it needs to adopt a more realistic measure of hunger. It needs to tell the truth about the fact that at least two billion people, nearly a third of humanity, cannot access adequate food. … What we need … is to put productive resources back in the hands of poor people. … The data is clear that small-scale, regenerative farming does a much better job of feeding people, and while actually reversing climate change — an added bonus. … Of course, all this will require much more than just charity. It will require political courage — the courage to challenge the corporate power that is quickly appropriating our food systems. As long as we continue to obscure the truth about global hunger we are unlikely to recognize the urgency of taking this step” (7/17).