Global Agriculture Must Support Small-Scale Farmers To Become More Climate Resilient

The Guardian: Just growing more food won’t help to feed the world
Richard Ewbank, climate adviser for Christian Aid

“…A Christian Aid briefing paper argues that if we are to reverse [the catastrophic environmental degradation of the last 50 years while also making production more efficient] in the face of climate change, agriculture needs a transformative change in the way it addresses climate resilience. Small-scale farmers and pastoralists, who manage 60 percent of agricultural land and produce 50 percent of the planet’s food, should be central to this agenda. … The World Bank’s call for climate-smart agriculture includes focusing on sustainable water use, countering gender inequality, and increased research. … Such an approach would include plans to strengthen the review of World Bank Environmental and Social Safeguards to ensure lending enables, rather than undermines, climate resilience for small-scale farmers and pastoralists in developing countries” (7/29).