U.N. Launches Campaign Urging Men To Support Women’s Rights

News outlets report on the U.N.’s launch of a campaign encouraging men to support women’s rights.

New York Times: U.N. Women’s Rights Group Seeks Men’s Support
“In a campaign from the United Nations that seeks to promote women’s rights, there is not a woman in sight — and that is deliberate. The strategy behind the campaign, which is to begin on Friday morning, is revealed by its theme, ‘He for she’ — in other words, men ought to stand up for the rights of the women of the world who are their mothers, sisters and daughters…” (Elliot, 3/7).

U.N. News Centre: Ahead of International Women’s Day, U.N. asks men to ‘stand up and deliver’ on human rights for all
“On the eve of International Women’s Day, the United Nations has launched the ‘He for She’ campaign urging men to stand up for the rights of their mothers, sisters and daughters, while top U.N. officials stressed that human rights for girls and women are not a dream but a duty of all…” (3/7).