U.N. Launches Appeal For Additional $1B To Stamp Out Ebola In West Africa

Bloomberg News: Ebola Fight Needs $1 Billion More as Outbreak Wanes
“Ebola remains a global health emergency, the United Nations said today as it sought another $1 billion in donations to fight the deadly outbreak in West Africa…” (Bennett/Kitamura, 1/21).

Reuters: U.N. Ebola chief calls for final $1 billion to fight virus
“…[U.N. Special Envoy on Ebola] David Nabarro estimated that an overall total of $4 billion in new money, equivalent to all the aid committed so far, was needed by relief agencies and the worst affected countries themselves to end the [Ebola] epidemic and ‘help these countries to get back to the economic trajectory they had’…” (Hirschler, 1/21).

U.N. News Centre: Davos: U.N. launches $1 billion appeal for global Ebola response
“… ‘This is an appeal for funds to support the efforts of the national governments of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone as they identify and treat people affected by Ebola, ensure a rapid end to the outbreak, re-establish essential social services and improve people’s food and nutrition security,’ according to the appeal. ‘[It] includes funds needed for enabling nearby countries to reduce their people’s risk of Ebola infection’…” (1/21).