U.N., IFRC Reports Warn Of Potential Impacts Of Climate Change Ahead Of U.N. Action Summit

Al Jazeera: Climate SOS: 5-year period ending 2019 to be hottest on record
“A damning new U.N. report published on Sunday warned the world was falling badly behind in the race to avert climate disaster as a result of runaway warming, with the five years ending 2019 set to be the hottest ever. The report comes ahead of a major United Nations climate summit on Monday when Secretary-General António Guterres will push countries to increase their greenhouse gas reduction targets…” (9/22).

Devex: Report warns of the humanitarian cost of climate change
“In a worst-case scenario, the price of responding to humanitarian needs as a result of climate-related disasters could climb to $20 billion annually by 2030, according to a report by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, up from a maximum of $12 billion currently being spent. The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance following droughts, floods, and storms could also double to more than 200 million annually, the report suggests…” (Root, 9/23).

USA TODAY: U.N. Climate Action Summit: How many countries will step up on the world stage Monday?
“…President Donald Trump, who wants to pull the United States out of the ratified 2015 Paris agreement to cut emissions, won’t participate, but United Nations officials and observers say China and about 70 other countries could make big announcements. At least another 40 countries are expected to attend, and might — or might not — end up on stage making new pledges…” (Wilson, 9/22).

Additional coverage of the U.N. report, the climate summit, and the impacts of climate change on food production is available from Associated Press, BBC News, and IPS.