U.N., Humanitarian Organizations Working To Address Food Security As Pandemic Response Enters Next Phase

Devex: ‘Big push’ on food security as COVID-19 response enters second phase
“…[D]evelopment and humanitarian organizations are pivoting to incorporate secondary impacts such as nutrition into funding planning and emergency activities. A recent analysis by the World Food Programme found that 130 million additional people — on top of the 135 million already experiencing acute malnutrition — will face hunger in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. The level of need means that organizations are working quickly to determine how to ensure food security and nutrition are included in the response as service delivery, economies, and food systems are disrupted worldwide…” (Welsh,5/4).

Washington Post: The risk of rich countries neglecting poorer ones during the pandemic
“…The United Nations has launched an emergency $2 billion humanitarian response plan for the world’s poorest countries, but donor funds are trickling in too slowly. WFP made its own $350 million appeal, but it has only received a fraction of that from donors. The agency is the logistics backbone of the world’s humanitarian system. Beyond providing food assistance to those in need, WFP will be at the heart of future pandemic relief efforts, flying medical supplies, as well as medical and humanitarian workers, into crisis hot spots…” (Tharoor, 5/4).