U.N. Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution On Right To Health; U.S. Voices Opposition To Several Facets Of Document

Intellectual Property Watch: U.N. Human Rights Council Adopts Access To Medicines Resolution
“The United Nations Human Rights Council [Friday] adopted a resolution on the right to health in relation to the U.N. 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including a call for medicines and vaccines access for all. The resolution also requested the U.N. human rights commissioner to report on the right to health. … The United States accepted the overall resolution but issued statements (here and here) opposing the request for a UNHCR report on grounds that it does not fall within UNHCR’s mandate and disagreeing with framing the SDGs in a ‘right to health framework.’ It also opposed what it viewed as a threat to intellectual property rights…” (New, 6/23).