U.N. General Assembly Reaffirms Population, Development Goals

News outlets examine leaders’ efforts to reaffirm the tenets of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).

Inter Press Service: Religious Leaders Call for U.N. Action on Sexual & Reproductive Health
“On the eve of a major U.N. special session on population and development, a delegation of religious leaders released a statement calling for action on sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights…” (9/19).

U.N. News Centre: Cairo+20: General Assembly reaffirms U.N. goals on population, development
“The international community must renew its pledge to protect women and girls as it strives to improve the dignity of all people and secure the future of the planet, senior United Nations officials told the General Assembly [Monday], marking 20 years since a landmark conference that reinforced the principle that people should be at the center of development…” (9/22).