U.N. General Assembly Expected To Adopt Political Declaration To Address Antimicrobial Resistance

NPR: U.N. To Take On Antibiotic Resistance At General Assembly
“…[This] week, the topic will take up a whole day at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City. It’s only the fourth time in history that the General Assembly has gathered to talk about a health crisis. Dr. Keiji Fukuda is the World Health Organization’s special representative for antimicrobial resistance and he is with us now from our bureau in New York City…” (Martin, 9/16).

USA TODAY: World leaders to tackle global menace of drug resistance, superbugs
“…World leaders will gather on Wednesday with doctors and other experts for a high-level meeting to discuss the root of the problem — antimicrobial resistance — at the U.N. General Assembly. They are expected to adopt a political declaration that would then go to the full assembly to be adopted as a resolution. The only other health issues to prompt similar action were HIV, Ebola, and noncommunicable diseases…” (Ungar, 9/18).