U.N. Efforts To Address Cholera In Haiti Continue To Fall Short

New York Times: U.N. Brought Cholera to Haiti. Now It Is Fumbling Effort to Atone.
“Even as the United Nations expresses growing alarm over a cholera outbreak in war-ravaged Yemen, the organization is increasingly worried about the fallout from a stubborn cholera scourge in Haiti that was caused by its own peacekeepers more than six years ago. A $400 million voluntary trust fund for Haiti to battle cholera was created last year by Ban Ki-moon, then the secretary general, … [b]ut the fund, meant in part to compensate cholera victims, garnered only a few million dollars and is now nearly empty. … And on Friday, United Nations officials were served with a reminder that their effort to shield the organization from Haiti cholera lawsuits by asserting diplomatic immunity might not necessarily work…” (Gladstone, 6/26).