U.N. Appeals For More Aid To S. Sudan As Food Crisis Worsens

News outlets report on South Sudan’s worsening food crisis.

Agence France-Presse: South Sudan on verge of Africa’s worst famine since 1980s: U.N.
“War-torn South Sudan could become the scene of the worst famine catastrophe in Africa in decades without more aid and a ceasefire to let farmers reach their fields, the U.N. warned Thursday…” (4/3).

New York Times: South Sudan Urgently Needs Help to Stave Off Famine, U.N. Warns
“South Sudan needs $230 million in international aid in the next 60 days or it will face the worst starvation in Africa since the 1980s, when hundreds of thousands of people died in Ethiopia’s famine, the United Nations official coordinating humanitarian aid in South Sudan warned on Thursday…” (Cumming-Bruce, 4/3).

U.N. News Centre: U.N. officials cite ‘race against time’ to prevent humanitarian catastrophe in South Sudan
“With no political solution to the conflict that has torn South Sudan apart in sight, senior United Nations officials working in the country stressed today that they are in a ‘race against time’ ahead of the rainy season to help prevent a health and hunger catastrophe…” (4/3).