U.N., Aid Agencies Urge Global Community To Do More In S. Sudan

News outlets report on responses to the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, the result of ongoing ethnic violence in the country.

Agence France-Presse: Major international effort seen as crucial to end South Sudan carnage
“As ethnic massacres in South Sudan spiral out of control and politicians lose their grip on rampaging militias, only a concerted international effort stands any chance of ending the four-month-old civil war, analysts say…” (Martel/Mathes, 4/23).

PBS NewsHour: Will violent rivalry tip South Sudan toward famine?
“…Judy Woodruff takes a closer look at the root of the crisis, tensions over natural resources and the urgency of humanitarian aid and regional diplomacy with Nancy Lindborg of USAID and Khalid Medani of McGill University…” (4/23).

RTT News: UNICEF Warns Of Worsening Malnutrition Crisis In South Sudan
“Confirming that children were killed in South Sudan during recent brutal attacks on displaced civilians or as a result of being recruited by armed groups, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned Tuesday that the surging violence is exacerbating an already ‘very dangerous’ malnutrition crisis…” (4/22).

VOA News: Aid Agencies Scramble to Avert Health Disaster in South Sudan Town
“Humanitarian agencies are scrambling to provide services to thousands of new arrivals at the United Nations base in Bentiu, where the number of people seeking refuge has risen more than six-fold since opposition forces overran the town 10 days ago…” (Green/Doki, 4/23).