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U.N. Agencies Discuss Various HIV/AIDS-Related Issues, Release Report At AIDS 2018

UNAIDS: Global HIV Prevention Coalition implements the HIV Prevention 2020 Road Map
“On 23 July, the Global HIV Prevention Coalition brought together HIV prevention leaders in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to discuss the urgency of scaling up HIV prevention services. They shared the progress made and looked at the challenges, including policy barriers and inadequate funding for prevention…” (7/24).

UNAIDS: Leading experts call on the criminal justice system to ensure science informs the application of the law in criminal cases related to HIV
“A group of 20 leading HIV scientists from around the world have issued a scientific consensus statement urging governments and people working in the legal and justice systems to pay close attention to the significant advances in HIV science to ensure that science informs the application of criminal law in cases related to HIV. … The expert group of scientists … warn that an overly broad and inappropriate application of criminal law against people living with HIV remains a serious concern across the globe…” (7/25).

UNICEF: Women: At the heart of the HIV response for children
“UNICEF’s new report, Women: At the heart of the HIV response for children, highlights the sobering fact that, contrary to popular opinion, the AIDS crisis is far from over. Even as the disease beats a slow retreat due to the significant and commendable progress on many fronts in the last decade, it still strikes at people of all ages, including babies, young children, and particularly adolescents. … The report contains 17 essays from women leaders in the fight against HIV, from activists living with HIV to prominent political and corporate figures…” (7/25).