U.K., U.S. Update Travel Advice For Tanzania After WHO Statement Regarding Suspected Ebola Case

Bloomberg: U.K. Issues Tanzania Travel Warning Over Probable Ebola Death
“The U.K. advised travelers to Tanzania to be aware of a ‘probable’ Ebola-related death in the East African nation, its Foreign and Commonwealth Office said Tuesday in a statement on its website. About 75,000 British nationals visit Tanzania every year, it said…” (Ombok, 10/1).

The Telegraph: U.K. holidaymakers warned of possible Ebola threat in Tanzania
“…The U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also updated travel advice for those visiting the East African nation. The move follows an unusual statement from the WHO last weekend, which rebuked the Tanzanian government amid suspicion that cases of the devastating hemorrhagic disease were being covered up…” (Newey, 10/1).