U.K. Report Describes Case Of Man With Highly Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Infection

CIDRAP News: In world first, U.K. reports high-level gonorrhea resistance
“Health officials in the United Kingdom announced [Wednesday] that they are investigating a gonorrhea infection contracted abroad that marks the first global detection of high-level resistance to recommended dual-antibiotic treatment as well as to other commonly used drugs…” (Schnirring, 3/28).

CNN: First case of super-resistant gonorrhea reported
“…The man attended sexual health services this year and was found to be infected with a form of the bacteria that is completely resistant to the first line of treatment used against it…” (Senthilingam, 3/28).

Forbes: How A Man Caught The World’s Strongest Super Gonorrhea To Date
“…A report entitled ‘U.K. case of Neisseria gonorrhoeae with high-level resistance to azithromycin and resistance to ceftriaxone acquired abroad’ from Public Health England described some of the details about this super gonorrhea, which was first detected when the man visited a sexual health services clinic in early 2018. The man had developed symptoms a month after having sexual contact with a woman in Southeast Asia…” (Lee, 3/28).

Newsweek: What is super gonorrhea? Man has first-ever case of antibiotic-resistant superbug
“…World Health Organization data compiled in 77 countries last year found that antibiotic resistance is making gonorrhea an increasingly difficult, and sometimes impossible, STI to treat…” (Fearnow, 3/28).