U.K. Institute Launches Effort To Prevent Cancer From Becoming Drug-Resistant, Aimed At Long-Term Patient Survival

Financial Times: U.K. cancer program to target treatment resistance
“The Institute of Cancer Research in London has launched a £75m ‘anti-evolutionary’ drive that it says is the world’s first drug discovery program aimed specifically at tackling cancer’s lethal ability to evolve resistance to treatment. The ICR, part of the University of London, is investing in a new Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery on its campus in Sutton, Surrey, where scientists will pursue a variety of approaches to overcome or redirect the process of cancer evolution…” (Cookson, 5/15).

The Guardian: New war on cancer aims at longterm survival, not cure
“…The ICR wants to refocus its work, aiming not just to kill cancer cells but to destroy their ability to evolve. The aim is to take the lethality out of cancer and turn it into a disease that — if a cure is not possible — will no longer shorten or ruin lives, in the same way that HIV is controlled for millions of people on antiretroviral drugs…” (Boseley, 5/15).

Reuters: Scientists in new push to control cancer before curing it
“… ‘Cancer’s ability to adapt, evolve, and become drug-resistant is the cause of the vast majority of deaths from the disease and the biggest challenge we face in overcoming it,’ said Paul Workman, chief executive of Britain’s Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)…” (Kelland, 5/15).