U.K. Government, Gates Foundation Establish £1B Fund Aimed At Ending Malaria, Addressing Other Infectious Diseases

News outlets report on the establishment of a £1 billion fund, supported by the British government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as part of the global effort to end malaria and other infectious diseases.

BBC News: U.K. government sets up £1bn fund to fight malaria
“The U.K. government is to create a new £1bn fund aimed at eradicating malaria and other infectious diseases. The Ross Fund will be run in partnership with U.S. philanthropists, Bill and Melinda Gates. It is named after Sir Ronald Ross who became Britain’s first Nobel Prize winner in 1902 for his discovery that malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes…” (11/22).

ITV: Britain creates £1bn fund to tackle malaria
“…Of the £1 billion, £305 million is focused on malaria and other infectious diseases such as TB, including the development of new drugs, diagnostics and insecticides. Another £188 million will help tackle ‘diseases of epidemic potential’ such as Ebola; £200 million will be spent on ‘neglected tropical diseases’; and £310 million will be targeted at ‘drug-resistant infections’…” (11/22).