Trump Administration’s Development Strategy In Africa Places U.S. Companies First

Global Times: Shift in U.S. aid to Africa signals emphasis on politics
Song Wei, associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation

“The U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing on appropriations for U.S. aid to Africa in October. … The hearing reflected the focus and direction of Trump’s African policy, as well as the discrepancy between the U.S. Congress and its Department of State, which exposed the political logic and moral risk of the U.S. foreign aid management structure. … Trump’s ‘American First’ ideology has placed Africa at the bottom of U.S. strategy. The budget reflected its policy. … With geopolitical thinking, the U.S. focuses more on its business interests in Africa. As a result, the Trump administration is trying to leverage more private investment through public-private partnerships, generating economic opportunities for U.S. companies. But development assistance is meant to provide public goods that support the development of recipient countries. This means large investments and long payback periods. Whether this is compatible with business motives is still unclear” (11/19).