U.S. President Trump To Urge Global Action On Hunger Crises In 4 Nations, Officials Say

POLITICO: Trump administration wants to rally world to stop ‘four famines’
“…Food and water shortages, caused by conflict as well as climate, are threatening to tip parts of Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia, and South Sudan into famine, risking at least 20 million lives. In the coming days, the White House is planning to rally other governments to do more to prevent the calamity, several Trump administration officials told POLITICO. The officials declined to offer details, but one likely forum for the president to make such a push is [this] week’s G20 summit in Germany. … It’s not clear, however, whether other governments will listen to an American president who has proposed gutting the U.S. foreign aid budget and rattled even longstanding allies with his isolationist streak…” (Toosi, 6/30).