Trump Administration Should Install ‘Prominent Coordinator’ To Lead U.S. Efforts On Ebola

Washington Post: Ebola is back. It’s an emergency.
Editorial Board

“…In a world of globalized transportation, dangerous pathogens do not stop at passport control. Braking Ebola in Congo is essential to keeping it from Chicago. The Trump administration seems to get this point in theory — a recent report declared, ‘An infectious disease threat anywhere can be a threat everywhere.’ But in practice, the National Security Council is being reorganized, and responsibility for pandemic response is being given to those already burdened by other difficult issues, such as fighting the spread of weapons of mass destruction. What has long been needed is to treat Ebola and other pandemic risks like the singular national security danger they are, and to install a prominent coordinator who is devoted to marshaling resources for combating them before they wreak havoc on a wide scale. This was also a lesson of 2014. Have we not learned it?” (5/18).