Trump Administration Should Extend TPS For Haitians

New York Times: Let the Haitians Stay
Editorial Board

“…On Thanksgiving, … the Department of Homeland Security is to announce whether it will extend the [temporary protected status (TPS)] that was granted to about 50,000 Haitians when their country was devastated by an earthquake in 2010. … By any reasonable measure, Haiti is not ready to take them back. The destitute country has never fully recovered from the 2010 earthquake or the cholera epidemic that followed. Last year, Hurricane Matthew added even more suffering. The country does not have the resources to absorb 50,000 people, and the money they have sent back is a critical source of income for their relatives and homeland. Every member of Congress who represents South Florida, where most of these Haitians live, is in favor of extending their status. … [T]he only right decision is to extend our welcome to the Haitians” (11/19).

Miami Herald: Marco Rubio: ‘Extend TPS for Haitians in the United States’
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

“Health epidemics and deadly natural disasters in recent years have devastated Haiti and hampered its government’s ability to properly function. … Failure to renew the TPS designation will weaken Haiti’s economy and impede its ability to recover completely and improve its security. … [O]ngoing natural disasters and global health challenges like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and unchecked cholera have undermined Haiti’s ability to meet its full potential. … I continue to strongly support U.S. initiatives that promote good governance and security, combat poverty and health epidemics, and advance economic opportunities for the people of Haiti. I earnestly hope the administration will account for these concerns when they make a determination on whether to extend TPS for Haitians. Its decision will have an immediate and serious impact on individuals, families, and communities in Florida, and a consequential and enduring impact on our friends in Haiti” (11/17).